When Your Family’s Safety Matters Most!

The Biggest Concern

The number one concern of Four State Fire & Safety is the protection and safety of the general public. After 19 years of experience and training with NOAA, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, we have a great deal of knowledge about tornadoes and the various forces that are found in them, unlike most companies that just sell storm shelters.

After careful research of over 18 different storm shelter manufacturers, the results were alarming and prompted us to develop some drastic improvements over what was available to protect the public.

Informed Decisions

Our second goal is the education of the public to allow you to make an informed and intelligent decision as how to protect your families. We can provide you with engineering designs and the theories behind them rather than just telling you the size and the cost. All that we ask in return is that you continue reading and compare what is really safe in regard to storm shelters and help us spread the knowledge you gain.

We will use 19 years of personal experience of first hand damage assessment and search and rescue to show you the best location for your shelter and explain the reasons why.

While most advertised shelters meet the bare minimum FEMA specs, there are many that don’t and in turn have inherent shortfalls with their protective strength.