Our 28″ by 36″ steel doors are manufactured with two 1/2″ solid steel hinge pins and four 1/2″ steel dead bolt lock pins. They are industrial grade 10 gauge steel, and feature a 50 pound gas shock to ensure easy opening by small children. They have a 16″ bullet-proof Lexan to allow you to observe conditions before unlatching the door.

The doors and window bolt holes are cut with a computer guided laser to ensure the highest quality and provide even stress distribution during an impact. The windows are sealed and the bolts are torqued to provide a lifetime seal and maximum strength.

Here you can see the double latching lock pins.


View of the High Pressure Gas Shock used to make opening and closing the door easy for even small children. It also regulates the speed of the door when opening and closing to help keep it from slamming or the wind from ripping it from your hands.


Light weight home style door hinges. Light duty stamped sheet metal door latches. When the wind picks up many of these latches will either bust the small rivets or break the light duty tack welds holding them together. This allows the door to fly open and endanger the occupants. Many are made from thin 14 gauge metal. No safety devices of any kind to prevent aforementioned accidents.