These are some of the items that we suggest you keep inside your shelter. A sealable plastic storage container works very well for this purpose.

  1. First aid kit.
  2. Two day supply of critical medications such as heart or blood pressure med’s, diabetic supplies, asthma inhalers, an old pair of reading glasses or contacts.
  3. A complete change of clothes for each family member, including shoes.
  4. Clean towels to help stabilize any severe trauma until help can arrive.
  5. Crescent wrench or large and small adjustable pliers to shut off gas valve on meter or propane tank if any damage has been sustained.
  6. Claw hammer and pry bar.
  7. Battery powered flashlight or lantern with an extra set of fresh batteries.
  8. Two day supply of water, 1 gallon per day per person, and one pull-off-top can of soup for each person.
  9. A magnetic key holder placed under the steps with house or car keys in case of accidental lock outs.
  10. A large blanket.
  11. Lawn chairs for comfort in case of an extended period of dangerous weather.
  12. Battery powered NOAA Weather Radio.
  13. Credit card or a small amount of cash.


For those of you who don’t have your video catalog of all your household and shop contents for insurance purposes in a lock box at the bank, we suggest that you place it in a sealed ziploc bag and place it in the bottom of your storage container.

We also suggest periodically checking the vents to ensure that no vines or plants have blocked them stopping circulation.

Those with top entry shelters installed under a deck should check door clearance after a rain and periodically there after to ensure that the deck does not swell or move and block the door.